Junk Van - Overcharged and then was very rude about it

Toronto, Ontario 0 comments

What a terrible experience.They came, told me I shouldn't be charged extra than what I had paid, and billed my credit card for $76 the next day.

After 3 weeks and over 12 phone calls junk van finally returned my call only to be rude, dismissive, unpleasant. They said they their estimate was off by over 220 pounds but I had to pay anyway and they charged $25 in a hidden fuel charge. Then after I freaked they took off the feul charge but nothing else and said she was to busy dealing with important customers wanting to book their services to spend time on the phone explaining the rest of the charges to me an would call me in a few days when she was not busy.

The only reason they even took off the fuel charge was because they did not tell me about it before booking and it's happened before.I might even have relented until she said she was busy dealing with important customers.

Review about: Service.

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